EcoTransIT World ecological footprint

Ensuring the environment doesn’t fall by the wayside

As the freight transport volume increases so do the effects on the environment and thus responsibility and the need to act with the environment in mind. EcoTransIT World helps you to choose the right mode of transportation in terms of the environmental impact.


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EcoTransIT World: "First Steps"

The tool gives companies a faster and clearer way to calculate the most environmentally friendly mode to transport their freight to its destination. EcoTransIT World calculates the ecological footprint of different modes of transportation (truck, ship, airplane, rail) for worldwide transports and compares their energy consumption, CO2 and other pollutant emissions.

And it only takes a few clicks. More information and the scientific basis behind EcoTransIT World are provided on the project’s website at the link below.

EcoTransIT World supports sustainability management

Industrial companies that have their own sustainability management system are increasingly relying on EcoTransIT World and are increasingly opting for transportation solutions that are not only economically sustainable but environmentally sustainable as well. The online applications can be used in the context of the EMAS II Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and DIN ISO 14001.