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Online freight timetable

Plan your transports with the freight timetable of DB Cargo

Our freight timetable provides you with all the information about your connections quickly and easily. The overview of the services offered in single wagon system simplifies planning your shipments.


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Our online freight schedule is easy to use, and includes many functions that will make your work easier. In addition to current departure and arrival time, you can access a lot of additional information.

The map system illustrates the area surrounding the consigning station and the destination. Furthermore you can find out more about the different route classes.

You can download an offline-version of the freight timetable and install it onto your computer. Using the online fright timetable keeps you well-informed about your transport and enables you to plan your transports while you are en route.


Freight schedule - offline version (valid from December 11th, 2016; de)

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